2021 – Wrap-Up

Wow, it’s already November and not all the repairs are finished.  Getting vendors to the marina proved difficult this summer, as well as finding knowledgeable persons to speak to.

I called a caterpillar dealer about the tachometer, and he said that it wasn’t a Cat issue.  The electronics guy I called said that it wasn’t an indication issue.  This was weeks on the phone trying to chase the answer and being transferred from one person to another.

It was all very frustrating, we eventually turned to the internet and the Defever Cruisers forum.  Finally, some useful information.  It turns out someone had a similar issue and it was Glendening (throttle control) related.  After much head scratching, a new tach cable and some repaired broken control wire, we were back up and operational.  Success!. What a great feeling.

We also had a hard time coordinating with the tech about our autopilot (which was installed prior to us heading south last year).  It stopped working in Virginia.  BOE Marine, who installed the autopilot, assured us that they were going to figure out the issue.  Their tech was so busy he didn’t make it to the marina until the end of September.  After several trips to the boat, a few calls to the manufacturer and a new software upload, the problem was solved.  Thank you, Vance!

The summer wasn’t without some adventure and good times.  Living on the boat has some great advantages. You always know the weather, you don’t carry a lot of junk with you that you don’t really need, you always have waterfront property and the sunsets are always beautiful.

We got to take a road trip to visit Robert and Stacy at their home in Horse Shoe Bay, Texas.  Right on the water (again) with a beautiful view and even got to go out and do some shooting. (what else does one do in Texas?)

I did get to do some boat deliveries and charters for C&C Charter group.  We even had a movie producer charter a boat to shoot some scenes for his movie. Be sure to be on the watch for “Trophy Wife” coming out in March 2022.

We were also lucky to survive the latest flood at the marina.  We had a Northeaster come through that pushed water up into the bay.  We wound up with over two foot of water over the docks and had to shut off the electric for a few days.  It’s the first time I had to run the generator while still tied up to the dock.

But more than anything else, I got to spend time with my beautiful wife.  The best part about this adventure has been our time together.  I’m going to pull the boat for the winter to finish the bow thruster and install a new stern thruster (stay tuned to that one. It promises to be entertaining). Therefore, we’ll be back on the dirt for a while. I sure am going to miss, just us, on the boat.  

Looking forward to April!

PS: Robert and Stacy went home to Texas for the winter.  When Robert left, he told me that his stern thruster was not working.  I told him that I’d be here when they pulled the boats and let him know if I saw anything unusual.  Well, I found the problem Robert. Lol

No Prop Blades!
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  1. Great story and pics.


  2. Welcome back to “the dirt” lol


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