Northbound 2021 – #14: Coinjock, NC to Hampton, VA

Travel Summary 

Cold, 46° to start, Mostly Sunny, 64° to finish.  Winds West 5–10 kts, becoming 15-20 kts with gusts to 30 kts in the afternoon.  Calm on the ICW, becoming Choppy. 

Distance traveled:  48.4 nautical miles

Time underway: 7 hours

Average Speed:  7.9 kts

Max Speed: 10.5 kts

Today, truly we left at the ass crack of dawn.  We decided to throw off lines by 6 am due to the weather.  The forecast was calling for winds to pick up during the day and gusts are expected to be in the 30 knot range.  We hoped to get to our destination before that happened,

We weren’t the only ones with this thought.  There was a steady line of boats leaving the marina at the same time as us.

There were a couple bridges that we needed to time for the hour and ½ hour openings.  We had to slow for the first bridge (North Landing Swing Bridge) to hit it on the hour, the next (Centerville Turnpike Swing Bridge) would be on the ½ hour and then the last (Great Bridge) on the hour followed by the Great Bridge Lock, which times it’s openings with the Great Bridge. 

The closer we got to Norfolk the more commercial the landscape was and the more the winds picked up.

Going through the Elizabeth River and the Norfolk area was really choppy, the waves were on our beam so we had generous use of the wipers on the windshield to be able to see.

Our destination was the Bluewater Yachting Center on the Hampton River.  Coming into the marina was a bit tricky with the wind.  Ideally, we would have backed into the slip but due to the winds, we went bow in.  Bow in would have been great if their finger piers were full length, however this marina had half length finger piers so we could not easily get off our boat. Our rail opening is on the stern of the boat.

The nice dockhands found a high step to bring to the finger pier and tied us up tight to it.  To get off the boat we had to climb over our rail and step down onto the borrowed step.  We always find ourselves in interesting situations.

Tomorrow’s weather is forecast to be similar, so no telling what we are in for.

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  1. Getting close … How long will you be in the neighborhood?




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