Northbound 2021 – #13: Belhaven, NC to Coinjock, NC

Travel Summary 

Sunny, Chilly, 54° to start, Clouds and some sun, 64° to finish.  Winds East 5 – 10 kts.  Calm on the ICW, Waves 1 ft or less on the Albemarle Sound. 

Distance traveled:  67.4 nautical miles

Time underway: 7 hours 40 minutes

Average Speed:  8.8 kts

Max Speed: 9.4 kts

Normally, we make a plan the night before as to when we will leave in the morning.  Without fail, Robert will text John earlier than planned and say “I’m up, let’s go!”  This morning our new friends on Aries pulled out at 6:30 am.  John helped them with lines and I took a couple of pictures for them.  So, John decided to text Robert and tell him we were up!  LOL!  No answer! HA! 

We pulled out of the marina at 7:30 am, a half hour before our planned departure, with flat calm seas.  It was a beautiful day on the water.

We left Dowry Creek Marina (great marina if you ever get the chance to stop there.) and pulled into the Pungo River.  Once up in the river, we entered the Alligator/ Pungo River Canal.  The canal is long and straight for the most part.   It is a little intimidating since there are broken off trees on each side of the canal for a good portion of the 21 mile length of it.

We left the canal and entered into the Alligator River on our way to Albemarle Sound.  We passed a catamaran with the name “Go Float Yourself”.  I can’t imagine having to hail the Coast Guard with that name, but it was funny nonetheless!   

To cross the Albemarle Sound, you definitely want to check the weather for this crossing since waves can be bad here.  The sound is relatively shallow with a long fetch for the waves to build. The forecast was for 1 foot or less waves.  Perfect day for crossing!  We’ve lucked out twice on the sound.  North and South we’ve had a pretty good crossing.

We pulled into Coinjock Marina about 3:30 pm, an icon, apparently the restaurant is famous for its Prime Rib.  Since John and I do not eat meat, it wasn’t a thing for us.  However, it is a convenient stop on the way north or south.  

The restaurant does pour a mean Gin & Tonic (John) and they have decent Chardonnay (Me).  So, everything on the menu is really pretty good after that.

Tomorrow is another day. Wind is supposed to build over the next couple of days, so, this should be interesting.  The good news is that we should make it to Norfolk or Hampton Roads tomorrow, which means, we’re almost in our own backyard.

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