Northbound 2021 – #12: Beaufort, NC to Belhaven, NC

Travel Summary

Conditions:  Cool, Cloudy 60° to start, Cloudy with Some Sun, 66° to finish.  Winds Northeast 15 – 20 kts diminishing to 10–15 kts in the afternoon.  Moderate Chop on the ICW. 

Distance traveled: 60.8 nautical miles

Time underway: 7 hours 5 minutes

Average Speed:  8.7 kts

Max Speed: 10.1 kts

It was nice to spend a couple days in Beaufort, even in the wind, but it’s was time to get moving.  Since the wind died down a bit overnight, we were up and out of the marina at 7:40 am. 

We had a long run to Belhaven, NC.  On our southbound journey, we stopped at this same marina.  Dowry Creek Marina is a family owned and operated marina.  The family are the ones that do everything from dockhand to office management.  When we were here in October, they had started construction on a restaurant, due to Covid and construction material shortage and price, the restaurant is not yet complete. We can’t wait for our next southbound adventure to be able to stop at the restaurant.

Earlier in our trip north, we had met up with a nice couple named Peter and Anne.  They owned a beautiful Flemming “Aries”.  We met them when we were at Southport. Today, on our way through the Neuse River, we saw them off our port bow.  Turns out that they were heading to Belhaven (Dowry Creek Marina) also.

We all got in about the same time and tied up and secured the boats.  After checking in and straightening up the boats, we had a wonderful cocktail hour with our new friends (well maybe two hours).  Turns out that we’ll all be heading to Coinjock tomorrow, so we’ll get to see more of our new friends.  Can’t wait.

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