Northbound 2021 – #11: Mile Hammock Bay, NC to Beaufort, NC

Travel Summary

Conditions: Partly Cloudy, Warm, Humid, 69° to start, Partly Sunny, Windy & Humid 82° to finish.  Winds South 10–15 kts, Gusts to 20 kts, with forecast to increase as the day went on.  Moderate Chop on the ICW. 

Distance traveled: 38 nautical miles

Time underway: 4 hours 17 minutes

Average Speed:  8.9 kts

Max Speed: 11.9 kts

So, after dragging anchor and resetting at Mile Hammock Bay anchorage, of course, we did not sleep.  John kept anchor watch in the pilot house and I camped in the salon with the anchor alarm on my iPad.  Thankfully, the night was calm and we did not drag anchor again.

Robert’s original plan was to try to move as the tide came up sometime after low tide at 8 pm.  Due to us dragging and trying to reset in the pitch black, Robert decided to sit still until daybreak which should be about 3 hours after high tide.

Status check at 5:40 am with Robert, he was floating!  Anchors up and we were both on our way at 6 am.

Our next challenge was going to be the Onslow Bridge.  They had a barge doing maintenance on the bridge, leaving a 20-foot opening for boat traffic.  We found out that the barge wouldn’t be in place until 8 am, so we took off for the bridge early. The Onslow Bridge opened for us at 6:30 am, the barge was safely out of our way. 

We had a short trip to Beaufort, thank goodness for all of us because we were tired!  After pulling into the marina, we checked in and grabbed an early lunch at the marina restaurant. 

I walked through town and the shops for a bit and John washed the boat.  Everyone decided to turn in early.  Since we planned to spend two nights due to increasing winds, we had time to walk around the next day.

Wednesday, we grabbed a marina courtesy car and headed to the grocery store.  We then walked around town and were going to make dinner reservations.  There were several restaurants but unfortunately for us, many were closed.  Speaking to one of the shop owners, her take was that businesses were suffering from not enough help, apparently, they could not get people to work because unemployment was paying more than the shops and restaurants could pay in wages.

I won’t get into the politics of the situation, but I had to feel sorry for these business owners who couldn’t seem to get the help they needed to stay in business.  So, we gave them what business we could to help out.  We had a nice lunch at a local restaurant and then an early evening on the boat. Tomorrow we are headed to Belhaven.  Almost back to the bay.  Let’s hope the weather cooperates.

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