Northbound 2021 – #9: Butler Island, SC to Southport, NC

Travel Summary

Conditions: Bright sun, cool 54° to start, Partly Cloudy 77° to finish.  Winds South 5 – 10 kts,  calm on the ICW 

Distance traveled: 74.5nautical miles

Time underway: 8 hours 57 minutes

Average Speed:  8.3 kts

Max Speed: 10.5 kts

We left our anchorage this morning at 7am.  

Today’s run took us through the Waccamaw River, a long stretch of brown water through lots of trees and not much else.

The closer we got to Myrtle Beach, the more homes (expensive, million dollar homes!) we saw and the more boat traffic, weekend cruisers, center consoles, pontoon boats and jet skis.  There was so much boat traffic, you would have thought it was summer.  We dodged boats all the way to our marina for the night in Southport, NC.

During the day we went through an area called the “Rock Pile”, a 3+ mile stretch of the ICW that is lined with rocks on each side.  Some rocks are just under the water, so unless it is low tide, you can not see them.  I believe the last time we came through on a low tide and even though it was unnerving to see the rocks, I think I prefer to see them so you know where they are.

There were a couple other boats at anchor with us last night, one “Aries” a 65’ Fleming and a small trawler “High Cotton”.  Aries left about 10 minutes prior to us leaving, High Cotton left with us.  We talked to High Cotton during the day on the VHF.  We did not hear from Aries again until we docked at the marina in Southport.  They pulled in after us.  Apparently, they decided to run the ocean and although it took them a little longer to reach the same destination as us, they did not have the boat traffic to deal with that we did.

After a quick dinner it was time to turn in, we have another long day ahead of us tomorrow.

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