Northbound 2021 – #7: Port Royal, SC to Charleston, SC

Travel Summary

Conditions: Clear a little humid, 71° to start, Sun & Clouds, humid, 84° to finish.  West winds 10 – 15 kts, moderate chop on the ICW 

Distance traveled: 60.3 nautical miles

Time underway: 7 hours

Average Speed:  8.7 kts

Max Speed: 10.7 kts

Today we got up early and headed to Charleston.  Just an overnight but we all decided that we did not want to use the same marina as on the way down. Our first marina in Charleston was the City Dock. That was one of the hardest marinas that we’ve had to get into and out of. Our destination today was the Harborage Ashley Marina.

We all dropped lines at 7 am!   Yes, I was awake and coherent!  The sunrise was beautiful and so was the day There were some areas that we had to pay close attention to.  Some cuts that had a bit of shoaling right in the middle of the channel that caused us to slow down and pay special attention to the depths.

The currents actually were in our favor today and gave us a nice push that increased our speed.

The tide shift in Georgia and parts of South Carolina is notorious for being 8 – 10 ft.  This was actually in our favor since we planned our departure to hit some of the really shoaling spots at rising/high tide.

It was weird to see docks from homes into the ICW that were 100 feet long.

It wasn’t a bad ride and wasn’t all day long the only trouble we had was getting through an area called Elliot Cut.

We had an ebb tide that had us moving along at a brisk 11 knots while only at an idle with the engines. To make matters worse, we had to make a bridge on an out going tide at the same time that one of the local cruise ships need to go through. Wasn’t easy to maneuver, but we all made it through ok.

After that it was a quick trip up the Ashley river to the marina where we stayed for the night.

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