Northbound 2021 – #6: Thunderbolt, GA to Port Royal, SC

Travel Summary

Conditions: Sunny but cool, 66° to start, Sunny with a light breeze, 80° to finish.  Southwest winds 10-15 kts, moderate chop on the ICW 

Distance traveled: 47nautical miles

Time underway: 4 hours 25 minutes

Average Speed:  9.1 kts

Max Speed: 10.7 kts

We spent a great night at Bahia Blue.  It’s always a little more comfortable to be sleeping at a marina than on the hook. Just a little less to worry about.

We did a short run today to Port Royal in South Carolina.  Leaving the dock at 7:50 am we had another malfunction of the bow thruster.  It decided to stick on in the “on” position, while I was still trying to get lines into the boat.  John yelled down to me and I (now knowing what to do) ran down to the bow stateroom, opened the floor hatch and disconnected the control power supply to the motor. 

John found another issue last night in the engine room.  The generator is leaking oil, from where we aren’t sure.  There is a drip pan under the generator and it had about ½ quart oil in it.  There was no apparent location of the leak.  So now, we need to watch that.

Today was a beautiful day.  We passed a huge dredge, a couple tugs pushing barges, a tour cruise boat and a few sailboats under sail, and of course some beautiful homes. There were also some small narrow cuts of the ICW. We had to cross the Savanah River and the Port Royal Sound. We wound are way through some areas that you wouldn’t think you weren’t supposed to go through, only to pop out the other side and run right into a tug and barge or small river cruise boat.

Just before the Port Royal marina we passed Parris Island the Marine recruit boot camp.  Our nephew, Nathan went through training there!

The water tower said “We Make Marines” but we were too far away to get a good picture.

We were tied up at the marina by 12:15 pm.  We all relaxed a bit, then met up at the marina restaurant for dinner.  Tomorrow will be an early day, as we are heading to Charleston.

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