Northbound 2021 – #4: Saint Augustine, FL to Fernandina, FL

Travel Summary

Conditions: Clear and chilly, 64° to start, Sunny & breezy, 79° to finish.  Southeast winds 10-15 kts, moderate chop on the ICW 

Distance traveled: 52.7nautical miles

Time underway: 5 hours 55 minutes

Average Speed:  8.9 kts

Max Speed: 11.4 kts

Here we go again, up at the ass crack of dawn.  We pulled off the mooring at 7:30 am. Since Robert’s mooring was on the south side of the Bridge of Lyons (we were on the north side) he had to make the bridge opening and if you did not make the 7:30 opening you had to wait until 8:30 due to rush hour traffic for another bridge opening.  So, Robert and Stacy came through at 7:30am.  Yeah! 

We were hoping for calm seas so that we could make an ocean run today but the forecast was calling for 3-4 ft seas and we just weren’t up for a rough ride all day, so we opted to stay in the ICW.

We saw some awesome homes with equally awesome toys (boats, jet skis, etc).

Due to the current pushing us, we made great time getting to Fernandina, arriving at 1:30 pm, way ahead of schedule.  Unfortunately, Robert blew out his hydraulic steering system hose and had to go in search of replacement parts and oil.

We did, however, find a cool little tavern to have a couple drinks and a late lunch.  Robert & Stacy joined us after their hardware store pit stop.

We did have a little time to walk through the town before John and Robert got down to repair mode.

The guys got down to business and replaced the blown hydraulic hose, recalibrated the auto pilot and put everything back together in record time. As a matter of fact, there was enough time to head back to town for a final night cap before calling it a night. Tomorrow will come early and we’ll be off for another stop at Bahia Blue Marina in Thunderbolt, Georgia. This should be our last night in Florida until next year. Hopefully the weather will hold for an ocean run to Bahia Blue tomorrow.

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  1. Yeah, good times roll. Swift travel, y’,all.


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