Northbound 2021 – #1: Vero Beach, FL to Titusville, FL


Travel Summary

Conditions: Overcast & Muggy, 74° to start, Sun & Clouds, 84° to finish.  South winds 15-20 kts, choppy on the ICW 

Distance traveled: 61.1nautical miles

Time underway: 6 hours 45 minutes

Average Speed: 9 kts

Max Speed: 10.1 kts

Today was a little bitter sweet.  Although we can’t wait to see friends and family, we also are sad to be leaving Florida.  So, this morning we started our trip back north. I understand it’s not so warm there right now.  I am hopeful that the warm weather follows us north!  Even the dolphins were sad to see us go, we had several of them behind the boat as we pulled out of our slip.  Almost like they were saying goodbye.

We pulled out of our winter marina at Vero Beach about 8:15am.  Waved good-bye to our friends who stopped by to see us off (Ken & Laura and Neil & Kathleen).  We saw the whole gang last night on the dock for our last happy hour.  Hoping to see everyone again next winter.

The trip to Titusville was nice and calm.  Couple dolphins along the way and a bit of boat traffic.

We anchored just past the Addison Max Brewer Bridge, off a fishing pier and a restaurant with music for our listening enjoyment!

We had a surprise visitor just after anchoring.  George from the Nordhaven “Rachel” who left this morning from Vero Beach at 6 am, came swimming over.  He and his wife Rachel were in the mooring field right near where we anchored!

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