Spring 2021 – Lynyard Cay, Abacos, Bahamas

Hope Town Marina was really nice and we had a great stay but we had been there for four days due to the weather and it was time to move on.  We couldn’t leave first thing in the morning due to the tide so we waited for the tide to come in a little and left Monday, April 5th on a rising tide about 12:30 pm.  We had to play a little Tetris with the boats due to how close the boats were crammed in to the marina, Robert, the dockmaster, did a great job.  A sail boat had to be moved so that Carry On could get out.  After Carry On was out, the sail boat had to be tied back to the dock and then a catamaran had to move so that Stacy Lynn could get out.  Then, finally, we were able to pull out of our slip.  In the past three days, nine boats had left the marina.  The dockmaster, Robert was sad to see us go, he joked that he was going to conjure up a thunderstorm to make us all stay!  Definitely a marina and town to go back to.  We wish nothing but the best for the people of Hope Town.

We left Hope Town and wanted to go a little further west and south to Lynyard Cay.  Lynyard Cay is at the end of the Abaco chain.  The trip was only a few hours and we found a nice anchorage off of a beach.  Lynyard Cay is just a little spit of land between the Abacos Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  I’m constantly surprised at the number of people who live on these little Cays in the middle of nowhere.   

We hosted a potluck dinner on April Fools and were joined by our cruising partners from Carry On and Stacy Lynn.  We found the movie Captain Ron on DVD and watched that after our dinner.  It was a great night with beautiful sunsets and a great view of the Atlantic Ocean through the inlet.

The next day we had some time to ourselves and enjoyed a great sunrise with our coffee, then we took a dinghy ride into Little Harbour.  Our destination was Pete’s Pub, a place that we were told we couldn’t pass up.  Unfortunately, COVID restrictions have taken a toll on alot of these areas.  Pete’s wasn’t open, speaking to a lady there we found out that they were only open on weekends due to the curfew on the Island.

We made the best of it and walked around the area, there was also a museum (unfortunately, not open).  There were lots of sculptures outside that were pretty cool. 

We took the dinghys back to our boats, changed into bathing suits, grabbed food and had a picnic on the beach of Lynyard Cay.

After some swimming (and enough sun), we decided to take in a little snorkeling before we turned in for the evening.  We were even visited by one of the local sea turtles.

Although there wasn’t much going on down here, the beauty of the area is amazing.  This is a popular anchorage and we were joined by several other boaters during the evening. We decided to turn in for the evening after enjoying another beautiful sunset in the Bahamas.   

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  1. I continue to be amazed with your adventures! Keep it up! Hope to see you should you seeing by Kent Narrows this spring/summer!

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  2. Looks like another successful adventure. Enjoy your voyage home, wherever your anchor land next!

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