Spring 2021 – West End to Great Sale Cay, then Green Turtle Cay, Abacos

We spent a lazy day Saturday in West End, relaxed on the beach and enjoyed dinner on the boat.

We decided to leave West End, Old Bahama Bay Marina, the next day, Sunday, March 28th.  It was interesting, speaking with the Marina Manager, on just how impacted this resort area has been since the last hurricane and then COVID.  He told me that West End was usually all booked up this time of year.  This year, we were some of the first boaters to come in. Also, the villas were usually all booked up with vacationers, and currently, only one of the 13 were filled.  It wasn’t just the marina that suffered, it was amazing, just how many people made their money off of the business at the marina.  The lady who sold fresh baked bread, (of course I bought three loaves to share) the restaurant, the shuttle drivers and the people who ran the small stands on the property.  Hopefully, they have a better summer coming.

We left West End for Great Sale Cay about 7:30am.  We arrived and anchored in the Northwest Harbor about 3 pm in gorgeous blue water.  We planned to stick around this anchorage for 2 days because Robert and Stacy on Stacy Lynn were on their way to catch up to us. Another beautiful evening in the Bahamas!

Overnight there were Southwest winds which didn’t make for a comfortable anchoring experience or sleeping, so, we pulled up the anchor and moved to a more protected anchorage on the other side of the island for our second night. Again, we were escorted by a school of dolphins!

About noon we heard from Stacy Lynn, they were on there way and would be meeting up with us in a couple hours.

Robert and Stacy soon caught up with us at our anchorage and we all enjoyed an evening of cocktails on Carry On.  We all enjoyed a great evening and watched a fantastic sunset.

The next morning found us all up bright and early to leave Great Sale Cay. We had a long journey to make it to Green Turtle Club Resort and Marina on Green Turtle Cay.  It was a long day with 15 to 20 knot winds on the nose, but we pulled into to the marina around 2pm.  April Fools and Stacy Lynn stayed at the marina and Carry On stayed outside on the hook.

The first evening in Green Turtle Cay found us celebrating another great day with cocktails and a nice dinner at the restaurant.

The next morning, we had to go into town to get our 5 day COVID test. The clinic was a little on the rustic side, but it did the job. We all tested negative, so we were off and running.

We rented a golf cart to explore the island.  Found a couple of beaches, visited the famous Bluff House, which, by the way, isn’t open on Wednesdays. (who knew???) Fortunately, we were able to grab another great lunch and hit the beach for a while. The girls played in the sand, while the guys, did guy stuff.

Tonight will be an early night, because we have to be up early to head to Hope Town. Looks like we have weather coming in and we need to prepare for some north winds.

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  1. So happy to see you guys loving and living life in a beautiful way. Thanks for sharing. Love you guys.

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