Spring 2021 – West Palm Beach, FL to West End, Grand Bahama Island

Travel Summary

Conditions: Breezy but sunny, 77° to start, Sunny and 80° to finish. 

Gulf Crossing:  Breezy white capping conditions with moderate choppy seas. Small short period wind waves.  Winds: SE 12 to 16 knots.  Seas: E 3 feet at 6 seconds

Distance traveled: 69.7nautical miles

Time underway: 7 hours 30 minutes

Average Speed: 8 kts

Max Speed: 10 kts

We spend Wednesday and Thursday at anchor in Lake Worth.  We were able to rent a space at the Palm Beach Sailing Club for the day since the free public docks were closed due to the Palm Beach Boat Show. So, we took the dinghy ashore. Since we weren’t close to downtown, we got to stretch our legs and get our steps in!  We did find a nice café for lunch. 

John received notice that his Covid results were available about 3pm Wednesday, Susan & Bill’s notifications followed shortly.  I kept waiting but…. Nope, no notification for me.  Found a phone number to call and my results were not processed yet.  We figured, unless I received my results by early morning, we would be spending another night at anchor. I had to hope my results came in so that we could cross to the Bahamas on Friday.

At anchor Lake Worth

We tried to settle in for the night and get some needed rest, however, at 4am, there was a bump, whoa, what?  I looked out the porthole and there was a boat right there.  John and I both went topside to see what happened.  It seems that there was a difference in the anchor rode that we put out compared to the amount that the boat next to us put out. So, for the next two hours, we played bumper boats (holding bumpers between our boats) until the sun came up.  So, after sunrise, our boating partner shortened his scope of chain and we had a mostly uneventful day. That is, until the tide changed so John just pulled up the anchor and moved. (no more bumps in the night.)

We decided to try and cross on Friday morning. The Gulf crossing forecast was not ideal, the weather seems to change daily.  Earlier in the week Friday and Saturday were looking much better for winds and seas, now the better forecast was pushed back to Monday, we could wait but would then need to have new Covid tests done.  It was decided that we would pull up anchor and see how it looked, we could always turn back around if it was too rough.

Sure enough, we had quite the ride. 3 to 5 ft seas with the wind out of the south east, but we made it over. Of course, we had to lash down everything for the trip.

By 3 pm we had arrived at West End Bahamas (Old Bahama Bay).  This is a resort that hasn’t recovered from the double whammy of the last hurricane and then COVID.  The people here were helpful and just as nice as could be. The resort is way under utilized but still beautiful.  A small resort area with a marina, restaurant and beach area.

We tied up, checked in with the marina and cleared Customs.  First order of business, a docktail to celebrate the trip. Then, of course we had a Conch Salad prepared for us by, none other than, ShowTime (no kidding, that was his name).  The salad was delicious. We also bought some local bread, Coconut, Banana Nut and Cinnamon raison. (You always have to try the local food.)  Dinner at the restaurant while watching the sunset, absolutely beautiful.

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  1. Best report yet! Thanks for sharing. Pictures were great.

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  2. Beautiful pics!!! So jealous but so happy you guys were able to get over and get to enjoy the Bahamas! Have fun! Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

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