Spring 2021 – Vero Beach, FL to West Palm Beach, FL

Travel Summary

Conditions: Some fog and muggy in the morning, 56° to start, Sunny and 79° to finish.  Northeast winds 5 kts, calm on the ICW 

Distance traveled: 58.5 nautical miles

Time underway: 7 hours 25 minutes

Average Speed: 7.9 kts

Max Speed: 9.5 kts

This is the beginning of our trip to, hopefully get to the Bahamas.  The trip has been weeks in the planning stages.  Due to Covid the Bahamas put in some fairly rigid rules for travel to their islands. 

Not only did we have to monitor the weather here in florida but also winds and waves for the Gulf crossing to try to time our crossing while also having to to comply with the new requirements by the Bahamian Government.

The Bahamas require a negative Covid swab test within 5 days of arrival.  You have to wait for the results and upload them to the new Health Visa on-line site to request approval.  You must also print these results for Customs when you arrive.  The customs forms can either be printed and filled out or you can use their new on-line system. 

Yesterday we went to the CVS to get our tests done.  They said 1-2 days for results.  Testing day is day 0, so we must check in with customs in the Bahamas by Saturday (day 5).      

We left the marina in Vero Beach about 7 am heading for West Palm Beach, traveling with Bill and Susan aboard Carry On.  They have been to the Bahamas several times previously with their sailboat, this will be the first time with this boat.

The trip was easy with beautiful weather and (knock on wood) no issues!.  I watched dolphins swim along side of Carry On ahead of us for a while and then they decided to honor us with their antics!  Love the dolphins!

We arrived in Lake Worth anchorage about just before 3pm and my hubby rowed me over to Carry On for cocktails!

Tomorrow we will probably stay at anchor here, watch the weather forecast and wait for our Covid results.

Not a bad place to hang out!

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  1. Well done and good luck on your next new adventure!



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