Holidays 2020 Vero Beach

Things have been relatively quiet on the blog for the past couple months. A lot of people have asked ‘what have you guys been up to?’  Well, even though we haven’t taken the boat out, we’ve been super busy.

When we first arrived in Vero Beach, we both sighed with relief, we could finally catch up on some much needed rest, regroup and work on some boat projects.  The boat projects are a subject of another post.

We arrived in mid-November with nothing but our fold up bikes on board to get around on land, so we started to explore the area.  We quickly found that besides the Publix and the Pizza place that was only open for take-out or delivery a couple miles away there wasn’t going to be much exploring by bike. Most of our explorations were limited to where we could pedal to or by water with the dinghy.

One of our grocery runs!

Exploring by dinghy!

The community that the marina is in is very pretty, nicely landscaped and has two golf courses and a walking trail which we took advantage of.

John even tried to teach me chess!

We met our new Grandkitty Leo while we were home!

After flying home for Thanksgiving, we returned with a vehicle! Yeah! This gave us the ability to explore Sebastian, Vero Beach and Fort Pearce, and all the surrounding areas.   Hmmm, looks like we explored lots of bars and restaurants!

Dolphins frequently come into the marina but the best was when we saw a couple manatee while kayaking one day.

Our daughter flew in for Christmas and we were able to do a few fun things while she was in town. We went to Sebastian, Fort Pierce, did some shopping in Vero and even got in a couple of nice pool days.

We went horseback riding on the beach on Hutchinson’s Island!

Parasailing off Singer Island was lots of fun and we even convinced John to do it!

We saw some awesome Christmas lights in Ft. Pierce and Vero Beach

Santa even found us on the boat!

One night we met up with some friends from our old marina in Ft. Pierce for dinner and were able to spent the night with friends in West Palm Beach. We made some new friends here in the marina and we actually were able to watch the New Year come in. (something we haven’t done in years.)

Karen & Mike Lynn (Past Commodore KNYC)

New Years Eve on “Carry On’ with hosts Bill & Susan and Mel & Mariette

We are enjoying the weather and meeting other boaters and hearing their stories, but I think we have rested enough. It may soon be time to move this boat off the dock!

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  1. Sounds like a great time in being a snowbird and great way to start Robin’s retirement.

    Enjoy your winter in Florida and happy trails.

    Are you thinking of going further South, before you head North?

    Happy New year to all.



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