Southbound 2020 – #16: Fernandina, FL to St. Augustine, FL

Travel Summary

Conditions: Cool, but sunny, 60° to start;  Sunny, 76° to finish.  North Northeast winds 5-10 kts, seas light chop 

Distance traveled: 52.9 nautical miles

Time underway: 6 hours 10 minutes

Average Speed: 8.6 kts

Max Speed: 11.1 kts

Today, we were trying to decided whether to run outside in the ocean again or just stay inside the ICW.  Gary on Favorite Child left at sunrise to run the ocean and called to let us know that the winds and waves were running 3 to 4 feet and would not be favorable for our boats.  We decided to run inside and we pulled out of Fernandina at about 8:30 am.

It was another sunny, beautiful day on the water!  Lots of ridiculously pricy homes, stretches of grass, and just beautiful blue water greeted us during our travels today.

The wind started blowing a bit as we came into St. Augustine, this was concerning, for me, because we were mooring for the first time, and guess who had to snag the mooring ball?  Yup, me!  No pressure! John and I had a quick pre-job brief on what we would be trying to do. I was a little nervous, to say the least.

John lined up and YES!  I snagged the line!  Whew!  So proud of me!  Once we got the boat tied up and the generator on , it was time for congratulatory cocktails, done and done! All by 3 pm.  Another successful day!

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  1. Yep, you are looking good!

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  2. Go Robin! I am living vicariously through you guys right now!!!

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  3. Okay so I’m learning about boating…. is mooring when you anchor out in the water and not dock the boat? LOL I’m loving all your updates about your fabulous adventure!

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    • Hey Karen! To make it simple, if we anchor, we use the anchor on our boat to hold us, mooring is where you tie your lines to a mooring ball (in a mooring field) that is itself already anchored to a fixed spot. Or we can tie up to a dock at a marina.


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