Southbound 2020 – #12: Charleston, SC to Port Royal, SC

Travel Summary

Conditions: Chilly, 54° to start; 70° to finish, clouds and sun.  Northeast winds 10-15 mph, gusts to 20, seas choppy.

Distance traveled: 60.6 nautical miles

Time underway: 7 hours 10 minutes

Average Speed: 8.5 kts

Max Speed: 11 kts

We’ve been held up in Charleston for several days waiting for an opening in the weather to be able to head south.  With the repairs done to Robert’s boat, we needed a slack tide and a drop in the wind.  When we checked the wind forecast last night, it was supposed to be 5-10 mph.  This morning told another story.  The Captains had a little pow-wow and decided to go.  The tide was slack and even though there was more wind than we wanted, we decided to leave Charleston.  We finally cleared the docks around 8:15 am (after threading a needle going backwards past the mega dock).  A bit stomach clenching leaving the marina, not just the wind but the maneuvering.  We needed to get off the dock and back up about 100 feet, back in to an opening on the starboard side between some big ass boats, without hitting one, and then pull forward to port to finish going through the fairway, STILL, between big ass boats.  We prepared by tying fenders to both sides of the boat and one dockhand helped us untie while another dockhand had fenders ready in case we got close to….. those Big Ass Boats!  We made it!  Took a while for our stomachs to settle, LOL!

Robert not only has a working bow thruster, but he also has a stern thruster, which makes moving these boats a little easier. 

The scenery today was different, parts put me in the mind of Mannington Meadow (for my Salem County friends), some Spanish moss-covered trees, and some nice houses along the way.  We also had quite the following of sea gulls, I guess we were stirring up the fish and the birds were all over it.

About 30 minutes prior to our destination for the evening, we saw what looked like oil on the floor of the helm.  Got a paper towel to wipe it up and it was pink, oops!  Steering fluid.  One more thing to investigate and fix.

Made it to Port Royal Landing Marina at about 3:30 pm.  Luckily, we were on the face dock and had plenty of dockhands at the ready, since the wind was blowing us right up against their CONCRETE floating docks.  Again, my captain did a fantastic job!  

Of course, the wind keeps on blowing.  It was supposed to calm back down to 5 to 10 mph (not even close).  We’ll bounce around on the dock for the night and see what tomorrow brings.  In the meantime, there is a perfectly good restaurant/bar (Marker 244) that needs some patrons!

We’re supposed to go to Hilton Head in the morning, but it seems either the weather or our boats aren’t so cooperative. We will see what the morning brings…..

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  1. Time of your life. Keep documenting. I love it.


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