Southbound 2020 – #7: Belhaven, NC to Beaufort, NC

Travel Summary

Conditions: Morning fog, 68° to start, Sun and Clouds, 77° to finish.  Light northeast winds 5 mph, waters light chop.

Distance traveled: 58.5 nautical miles

Time underway: 6 hours 50 minutes

Average Speed: 8.6 kts

Max Speed: 9.7 kts

Early start today, pulled out of Dowry Creek Marina at 7:30 am.  Another beautiful day down the ICW.  The sights today were quite diverse, from half falling down old shacks to million dollar homes and working boats to yachts, to half sunken abandoned boats.

We did see a few dolphins but the water isn’t quite clear enough yet to get pictures.

We pulled into Beaufort Docks marina with no issues (knock on wood) at about 2:30 pm.  Part of the check in process was a free drink from the marina restaurant!  We sat at the picnic tables with other boaters who had also just pulled in. 

Gary and Betsy on a 65’ Outer Reef “Favorite Child” were very interesting, they recently purchased their boat and plan to spend 3-5 years traveling (similar to our story, only their boat is waaayyy bigger and newer!)

Gary & Betsy’s Boat “Favorite Child”

We met a guy pushing a dog in a baby stroller, the dog was actually laying on his back with his head hanging down off the front of the stroller.  The guy, a former marine, had no problem with his masculinity!  He was quite a character and picked up the dog and put him in my arms and the dog just laid there like a baby!

We did some boat chores, for me that was laundry and John washed the boat & did some other maintenance items.  Stacy and I walked around town & bought the guys some hats with our boat names embroidered on them!  Aren’t we the best wives!

Later the guys joined us in checking out the sights, we also went to the North Carolina Maritime Museum. The museum is the official repository for artifacts from Blackbeard’s flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge. In 1718, the notorious pirate ran his ship aground in Beaufort Inlet, roughly two miles from where the museum stands today. It was a very enlightening exhibit on Blackbeard.

We found a cool restaurant with a rooftop sky lounge, Moonrakers.  Since they had a big wedding coming in for the evening, we decided to do drinks and appetizers ahead of the crowd early in the evening. The whole night was topped off with another perfect sunset. No matter how many times I get to see it, it still amazes me.

Tomorrow is another day and were off to travel further south. Looking to hit South Carolina in a day or two.

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  1. I love your pictures and keeping up with your adventures.

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  2. Great pics again and excellent story telling. Feel like I’m there too.

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  3. Thanks for posting all the great pics. And here’s to many more beautiful sunsets

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  4. I liked this entry the best so far. Especially liked the doggie!!

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