Southbound 2020 – #4: Norfolk, VA to Coinjock, NC

Travel Summary

Conditions: Sunny, 62° to start, 72° to finish with clouds and some rain.  Winds East Northeast less than 5 mph, waters calm.

Distance traveled: 48.6 nautical miles (50 statute miles) 

Time underway: 7 hours 20 minutes

Average Speed: 7.4 kts

Max Speed: 9.0 kts

A calmer day today!  Norfolk starts at Mile Marker 0 on the ICW.  We left Norfolk at about 8:40am with thoughts of smooth sailing (powering).  Some pretty cool sights on the way out of Norfolk, Navy vessels, etc. 

Next up, a huge tanker was coming north under a bridge toward us and the boat in front of us seemed to have reservations about going by the tanker under the bridge so we had to wait them out.  My thoughts were they were chicken shits!  Many boats passed by with plenty of room to spare!

Then, our first lock!  We were packed in there and had to hold the boat close to the wall, when we came out of the lock, the boats were stacked up waiting, yet again for the Great Bridge to open.

Many miles later we arrived at Coinjock Marina in North Carolina for the night. Time to relax!

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