Southbound 2020 – #3: Deltaville, VA to Norfolk, VA

Travel Summary

Conditions: Mostly sunny, 67° to start, 70° to finish.  Winds west/southwest less than 5 mph, waters calm.

Distance traveled: 52.7 nautical miles 

Time underway: 6 hours 50 minutes

Average Speed: 7.7 kts

Max Speed: 9.4 kts

Just another day on the Chesapeake Bay. So, this morning we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. We decided to that we were going to leave that little gem, Regatta Point Marina in Deltaville. We really want to come back and spend some time here, but we were wrestling with getting on the move again, leaving the dock about 9 am.

The weather report called for 1 – 2 foot seas with calm winds, but when I looked out at the Rappahannock, it didn’t look so calm. We decided to make a go of it anyway. Well, my first inclination proved to be correct. No sooner had we made our way to the Rappahannock when we hit another day of 3 foot seas with the wind coming from the north.

It looked like another day of fighting the wind and current. We spend an hour wrestling with the wheel, and then as soon as it appeared, it sat back down again. Things calmed down and we had a good run for a couple of hours, that is, until we neared the York River. The tide shifted, the wind came from due east and we were off to the races again.  

Another two hours of wrestling with the wheel while we tried to hold a steady course. Robin kept asking if I was ok, and I finally told her that two hours of this was harder than 8 seconds on a bull. So, I was sure that I had earned my silver buckle for bull riding, yet again!

After a while we finally got down into Hampton Roads and things settled down. We made it down past the Navy carriers, an awesome sight!

Finally we came to Waterside Marina in Norfolk, our stop for the night.  After we washed the salt water off the boats, it was time for some well deserved cocktails and then dinner.

Tomorrow, it’s off to Coinjock, the Great Bridge and our first of many locks to come. Stay tuned, there’s never a dull moment. 

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