Southbound 2020 – #2: Solomons, MD to Deltaville, VA

Our anticipated travel day to Deltaville was postponed one day due to weather.  Rain would have been OK but the winds were gusting to 30 mph.  So, the prudent call was to stay put one more day.  The staff at Zanhisers were very accommodating with our change of plans and we thank them!

Saturday the seas were much more cooperative.  We awoke to a beautiful day of sunshine and flat, calm seas, even though a little cool. 

We headed out of Solomons about 8:30am for another day at sea! 

Travel Summary

Conditions: Mostly Sunny, 46° to start, 60° to finish.  Winds North 5-10 mph, seas 1-2 ft.

Distance traveled: 55.4 nautical miles 

Time underway: 5 hours 55 minutes

Average Speed: 9.4 kts

Max Speed: 10.3 kts

The forecast was north winds 5-10 knots, little did we know once we starting crossing the Potomac the situation would change.  One roll in particular hit us good, the dining table, chairs, bar stools, laptops, tv and printer, EVERYTHING, flipped over and went flying.  John was at the helm non-stop for 5+ hours (except when I relieved him, white knuckled, while nature called, LOL!)

We had reservations at Waldens Marina in Deltaville, but as we came into the harbor and tried to hail the marina, found out that our slip was given to a catamaran by mistake.  Waldens called another local marina to secure us a slip, we detoured to Regatta Point Marina where the owner was waiting to help us tie up.

It turned out to be a great stop!  Don, the owner, sat and had a drink with us on the wrap around porch and showed us around the marina.  Apparently, he just purchased the marina in October 2019, and had big plans for the Marina.  If anyone is interested, we would recommend this gem as a great stop over place. A front porch with rocking chairs and a perfect view of the Rappahannock River. 

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  1. Lookin good. Head for warmer temps.

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  2. Living the Dream! Love it! Safe travels.

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