I Can’t!

On our list of minor projects was to put striping on the boat to break up all the white.  John had bought some vinyl striping to see if he could do it himself.  He put some blue painters tape on the side of the boat as a guide and asked if that was what I wanted.  Well, no not exactly.  We apparently had differing ideas of how this stripe should look.  I went on an internet hunt to show what my idea was.

That didn’t go over well because his idea was to do a straight line on each side of the boat and my idea was to have multiple stripes starting on one side of the boat, going across the front, and then down the other side.  My dear hubby, then said these words “I can’t do that!”  LOL!

Weeks ago, I was having difficulty handling the stern lines and said those same words.  I was told that I was not allowed to say “I Can’t” because he assured me that “I Could”.

So, with those words out of his mouth!  We both smiled, because we knew – we weren’t allowed to say those words!

The blue striping looks wonderful, don’t you think!  

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  1. Looks awesome!


  2. It’s beautiful!! Good job, John.


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