Annapolis, MD

By John

Last big trip of the summer season. It’s amazing how quickly the summer season slips by. COVID hasn’t helped. It seems that it took so long to open things up that by the time you could enjoy the bay, it was time to close again. Labor Day signifies the beginning of the school year, with kids returning to school and parents leaving the marina to return to normal life (whatever that is now). Anyway, we decided to take a trip to Annapolis for the Labor Day weekend. It turned out to be perfect weather for a visit to Annapolis, MD.  We were joined for the weekend by our daughter, Alex and her friend MaKenzie, who is like a daughter to us.

Pulling into Annapolis can be a feat all unto itself. Coming into the harbor we passed dozens of sailboats in full sail, not surprising since Annapolis is known as the sailing capital of the United States. Threading your way through the mass of sailboats can be a real experience.

We considered a tour of the Naval Academy but due to Covid, tours have been suspended, same for the trolley tours. So, we had to do the next best thing……. If St Michaels is the town the fooled the British, then Annapolis is a Sailing town with a slight drinking problem. Or is that a Drinking town with a slight sailing problem. Anyway, we took in the sights, did some shopping and decided to help out all of the local businesses (bars). Did you know that they actually make a 32 oz margarita?  Unreal, it was like a small bucket. So, when in Rome……

We stayed for a couple of days at the Annapolis Yacht Basin. Nice marina (a little tight for docking but nice none the less…) close to town with a beautiful view. Several large boats make this marina their home port. Way out of our league though.

No trip to Annapolis is complete without a visit to “Ego” alley. It’s become famous for boaters to cruise up and down this small canal that goes into the heart of Annapolis. It passes Pusser’s famous restaurant (and equally famous drink, the Painkiller) and goes right up to the old Fish Market, where fisherman used to unload their daily catch. Although the area has changed over the years, many of the buildings still stand.

As a matter of fact, there’s a statue dedicated to Alex Haley, of ‘Roots’ fame here. A bronze statue of him reading to children is in the same area that earlier slave ships used to dock.

Anyway, after a long weekend, we have to get back so that we can leave again soon. We wrapped a beautiful weekend, with wonderful company, great weather and calm seas. It would have been difficult to pick a better scenario.

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  1. Looks like a fun great weekend.


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