Wires, Wires Everywhere

John’s post:

Before I tell you this story, I have to give a little background information. When we first purchased the boat, we found that the previous owners had simply walked off of the boat one day and never returned. Meaning that they had left a ton of personal effects on the boat that needed to be cleaned out and removed.

During this period of clean up, it wasn’t uncommon to find a wire or hose that was simply open or ‘dead ended’ somewhere in a closet, bilge or engine room. We spent weeks removing clothes, shoes, pots & pans and other personal effects and I wound up chasing open ended wires and hoses all over the boat.  It looked like every time someone had done an improvement or modification to the boat, they simply cut off the unused portion of hoses and wires and left the old ones in place after running the new ones. The Engine room and the areas under the upper and lower helms were a rat’s nest of used and unused wires. I did my best to remove old wires and dress up the ones that remained. I didn’t want to remove a wire that I might need for something later on, so I tried to be careful on what I took out.  I’ll never forget the one time that I was working in the AC closet and found an open hose. Robin and I tried to figure out where it went. After an hour, we traced it only to find out that it went down into the bilge and then looped back into the same closet. Well, there went another 20 feet of hose. 

During that first year, I must have removed 50 garbage bags of unused items and over a mile of unused wire. After a while, I was pretty confident that we had gotten most of this mess cleaned up.

That is, until we changed out our Electronics.  This week, we installed two new Garmin Chartplotters and decided to add some cameras to our system. (One in the engine room and one on the stern.) This required chasing wires from the stern to the helm. Imagine my surprise when I found some more unended wires. It appeared that the previous owners had run some stereo wires through the salon. After an hour and a half of crawling around on my belly I finally cleared out all the unused wire. (Accidently disconnecting two of the speakers in the process. A little rework was in order to put the stereo back in working order.) I pulled out so much wire that I think the waterline raised two inches.  Anyway, I cleared out the unused wire, I think I got it all, but I’ve thought that before. I’m installing a new Auto Pilot next week, we’ll see what I run into there. Never a dull moment. 

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  1. Oh my…..you sure are having an adventure!
    Smooth sailing in the future and no more issues I hope for you.

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  2. Nice report! I like the pictures!!


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