It’s Raining….. inside the boat???

Sometimes we get to sit on the aft deck and enjoy a cocktail or two.  Recently we were doing just that when we were faced with a situation.

You see, we have an old boat and it was designed with a ‘wet bilge’, meaning that the shaft logs and some of the older AC units drain into the bilge. It’s an area that we’ve been struggling with and trying to correct for some time.  So, it’s not unusual for us to be fighting with bilge pumps and odors from the water as we try to keep the bilge clean.  One day, the main line going to the hot water heater broke free and filled the engine room bilge with several inches of water, causing the high-water alarm to go off.

So, back to our current situation, as we sat on the deck, John thought he heard something.  When he opened the door, there it was, that awful high level alarm was going off.  John ran to the engine room and I ran to turn on the bilge pumps.  As John came back upstairs, he announced that there was nothing leaking in the engine room but I had already gone into the mid stateroom where the bilge was filling up with water (what the heck!).   We both headed to the V-Berth and heard a noise coming from the head (bathroom, to non-boaters).

As we opened the door, we were confronted with water coming in from the ceiling.  When I say coming from the ceiling, I don’t mean a leak here or there.  It looked as though someone had turned a fire hose on in the boat.  It literally rained in from the ceiling.  I ran to turn off the dockside water supply and John pulled down the ceiling tiles, water was coming from above the head ceiling.  Back upstairs we ran, pulled everything from under the helm, then (John) crawled inside.   The main water line, downstream of the pressure valve had split apart and in essence turned the open part of the water line into a full stream open hose, right behind the main power panel. (Yikes!)

After the power was turned off and some careful drying occurred, the line was repaired and power and water once again restored.   

Never a dull moment on April Fools!.

My job in the future is to grab a camera and document these Adventures (Ordeals) as they happen.  It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Next time, …… because I am sure there will be a next time!

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  1. Oh my word … her name is ringing true !


  2. Look at you! 💕


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