Jack of All Trades

We have several projects to address before we are ready to leave our home port.   

It seems that with each repair, there are two more things that break.  When we first bought the boat, we paid to have some things updated, however, in order to keep from going to the poor house, we (meaning John) needed to start doing more of the projects himself.

We received a quote to have the teak handrails re-finished, after I revived John, he said that he thought he could do this one himself.  So on to YouTube we go and 5 weekends later, the handrails are nice and shiny.

After that, we ordered a new air conditioner for the pilot house.  (The old one had seized up and the replacement was over $5,000 to have it installed).  My hubby removed the old one on one weekend and installed the new one the following weekend.  Wish I had a picture of him squeezing into that 12” cabinet door!

Next was to replace the inverter, the old one never worked and a past owner had cooked the batteries it was connected to.  John ordered and installed a new 3,000 watt inverter, wired it up and with some minor corrections and field modifications, we were up and running.

We still have a few more projects to tackle before we leave.  The most important thing is to make sure that the radar arch is able to drop low enough that we can make it under a 19’ 6” bridge on the loop,  otherwise our Great Loop adventure will be a Great U-Turn.   

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  1. Where are you going and are you going to live on the boat whole time?


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